Hero Protocol: Weight of the World

(Global Syndicate Publications)

ISBN: 9798324028534   

     A charismatic civil rights leader. An armed white supremist militia. A brutally oppressive police force. A hostage situation on an oil rig. Dangerous new foes with powerful Abilities. It’s just another typical weekend for the heroes of GRAIL.
    Vanguard tries to come to grip with the side-effects of his Abilities. He struggles to manage his responsibilities as the leader of GRAIL Tactical Team Twelve, while fighting to balance his concern for his teammates and his mission objectives.
    With the entire team pushing the limits of their extraordinary Abilities, they are reminded that they are neither infallible or indestructible. The cost of their Abilities is high.


Shadow Valley Stories

(Global Syndicate Publications)

ISBN# 9798395942760

A collection of 12 short tales of horror and fantasy that will make you question the very nature of Evil. Demons, psychotic killers, spiteful gods, and rampaging hippies are just a few of the menaces that inhabit Shadow Valley. It's bedtime stories for adults!

Hero Protocol - Dark Tide 

C.L. Bedell(Global Syndicate Publications)

ISBN# 9798390416853

Experience a whole new breed of superheroes!

A novice superhero returns home after a year on the job, only to find his younger brothers caught in the middle of a brewing war between local street gangs and a deadly drug cartel. Moral values will be compromised as questionable alliances are made, but Miles Heat do whatever it takes to protect his family.  A gritty, violent, and incredibly realistic take on the superhero genre!

EBOOK also available!

Pandemonium Wrestling - Championship Edition

(Global Syndicate Publications)

ISBN #9781387588497

     The #1 selling Pro Wresting RPG since 2017!

The Pro Wrestling Role Playing Game that has the fast-paced action of a board game. Steel Chairs, Cage Matches, Tag-Team action, Dirty Tricks, Sneaky Managers, Serious Injuries, and more. Now with 8 playable character classes, including the brand new Luchador and Little Guy classes!

     Take the mayhem to the next level wjth chaotic TRIPLE THREAT MATCHES! If you've seen it happen on televsion, you can do it in the game! Feed off the energy of the crowd, generate momentum, and finish off your opponent in spectacular fashion. Or sucker-punch the referee and bust out the brass knuckles while the ref is down. Your destiny is in your own hands!


Pandemonium Wrestling Championship Edition