WHAT CAN The Global Syndicate do for you?


Fist off, let's tell you what we CAN'T do for you rigth now. We cannot get your project onto physical store shelves at the moment. Someday we hope to be able to function as a traditional publishing house, but that will take time.


So why should you consider being a part of The Global Syndicate? There are a lot of reasons, actually. Right away, you are in direct contact with people who have experience in the world of independent publishing, and have history of proven success. You will be gaining an ally who can walk you through the process of self-publishing, and guide you along the way as you consider various options for publication and distribution, both online and physical. You will also be gaining an experienced marketing partner who knows how to operate in the increasingly online environment, and can help you identify and reach your target audience.


One of the biggest benifits of joining The Global Syndicate is the simple act of being part of a larger entity. There is strength in numbers, and it never hurts to look like a larger operation than you really are. Indiviually, independent creators struggle to establish a presence in the marketplace. As a member of The Global Syndicate, you would be gaining a larger footprint in the independent scene. Potential customers might struggle to remember the name of one specific creator they come across at a convention or online, but they are likely to remember the name of an company that keeps popping up time after time across many different platforms. With many individual operating under The Global Syndicate banner, the brand becomes more visible. At conventions, it is hard for an individual creator to stand out in the crowd, but as a member of The Global Syndicate you immediately have something else to grab the attention of passersby.  And when customers come to check out the products of one member online, they also are exposed to the products of ALL the members. In other words, being part of a group greatly increases the chances of a new customer discovering your work.


So what's the catch? There isn't one, really. Members of The Global Syndicate continue to operate under their own lable if they wish. If someone chooses not to establish their own brand, they have an opportunity to publish under the Global Syndicate Publications lable if they wish. Creators can continue to print or produce what they choose, provided the material is not illegal or will reflect badly on The Global Syndicate. In most cases, we will ask to co-brand your product, and list The Global Syndicate alongside your own label. 


You will likely have more questions about becomming a part of The Global Syndicate. We're here to answer those questions in further detail. Don't hesitate to contact us at admin@theglobalsyndicate.com




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The members of The Global Syndicate and our associate members are committed to woking together in order to bring our creations to life and share them with the public. When one succeeds, we all succeed! We provide support and advice to indy creators, and help guide them through the marketing jungle.


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